How to become a member of The BVC Church

How to become a member of The BVC Church

You are warmly welcome to join us, and we are super excited to receive you into The BVC Church family. Our tenets of faith express our beliefs, values, and basis for our Christian doctrine. If your beliefs are congruent with ours, then nothing hinders you from joining us

Simply visit any of our branches and speak to any of our information officers who will assist you to register to become a member. Please note that you will be required to provide some necessary personal information about yourself. Alternatively, you can speak to our church administrator online who will obtain all relevant information from you, and register you as a member if satisfied with the information provided.

Visiting members

The BVC church receives visitors throughout the year. International students, expatriates, and persons who are on short visit to the UK find The BVC Church as an ideal place for fellowship. Our team of mature and highly motivated church officers will ensure you are comfortable and help you to settle in. we are a cross-cultural ministry that is always ready to embrace you into our warm, loving, and friendly atmosphere all the time.

You are welcome!

Your safety is important to us

The BVC church implements a system that ensures the safety of our members, visitors, workers and their young ones. To find out more about how we do this, kindly contact our admin team.